Sponsor The Show

Web TVTalk Show (2)Sponsorships are available between $175.00 – $600.00.

Live stream video shows are the way to connect with an active audience that are ready, willing and able to engage and purchase in today’s marketplace.

This platform offers a worth of possibilities, from both marketing and community building perspectives.

This new medium is different from regular TV or Radio broadcasts or pre-recorded videos loaded to Facebook. With unlimited capabilities and subsequent low production costs, we can now give viewers the ability to actually hanging out and connect easier with the person shooting the show. People see the person streaming, of course, but more importantly (thanks to scrolling comment functions and reciprocal communication) *the viewers* feel seen and become a part of the social or “Tribe” environment!


Here are a few options:


Option 1 – Exclusive Month Sponsor: $600

Exclusive Sponsorship per month includes: 

  • One Company and/or product featured for an entire month with detail shout-out, talking points and Link during the performance of “Earth Angel Journeys Talk Show” – on EAJ Facebook’s TV Page. (client encouraged to share on Company FB page, and embed into your newsletter and/or product page for maximized results.) Rate based on $30 CPM (1000 views, rounded for final number) for average of *20k views per month.
  • Pre & Post Show “Boost” posts sent out throughout the month.
  • Link to your Company and/or product from Weekly Post Show Video Archive descriptions seen on EAJ Facebook Show Page, EAJ YouTube Channel, EAJ IGTV, EAJ Website and the Wanderlust Medium Facebook Page.
  • This option can be used as an exclusive sponsor for one month of weekly episodes of Clara’s regular series, “Earth Angel Journeys Talk Show” (running weekly since August, 2018), or as a stand-alone sponsored video.

*Note: The actually average for viewership quoted is a highly conservative average as there is no way to guarantee a minimum as Facebook’s algorithm and the client’s product’s popularity with Clara’s audience can also not be guaranteed.


Option 2 – Pay Per Show Episode: $175

  • Price is per Episode on”Earth Angel Journeys Talk Show” – on EAJ Facebook’s TV Page. (Rate based on a minimum $30 CPM with a 5K views. )

*Note: This option is available with the same details as noted in Option 1 if exclusive sponsorship has not been met.

Option 3 – Facebook Live Infomercial: $300 

  • Price is for a Live or Tapped featured Infomercial shown immediately after *any agreed upon weekly episode on”Earth Angel Journeys Talk Show” – on EAJ Facebook’s TV Page.
  • This option includes Clara sharing the video on her EAJ Facebook Show page, Wanderlust Medium Page and EAJ Website for one week and includes a small pre & post “Boost.”
  • It also includes the right by client to distribute the video as needed on the Company’s FB page, embedded into their newsletter and/or website.

*Note: This option is available as long as the company or product does not compete with any exclusive sponsorship that may be under contract at the time of the client’s infomercial airing.