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Get Connected to the Law of Vibration!

Web TVTalk Show (2)I’m so excited to bring you this show of Hope, Inspiration and Healing! I created this show to help you claim your Earth Angel Journey as a Lightworker and Spiritual Conductor of Universal Vibrations. You will develop your natural healing potential for your own healings or as a professional Earth Angel and explore your personal psychic gifts that lay dormant until released and nurtured. Follow me on a exciting journey of self discovery with each episode of this TV Show.


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Energy Healing & Psychic Tendencies are natural gifts that we all possess, you just need to open your wings and fly, Earth Angel! If you want further training, we provide that too. Join me on a journey of discovering your unique potential! Just go to the EAJ School Page for more information. We will start classes in September 2018.

Stay Vibrationally Centered Earth Angel!
Clara J. Alden, The Wanderlust Medium                                                                                                                                    

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