The Real Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I humbly take this journey that I have been given by my Guide, Archangel Faith. It’s my life path of discovery that I must now share to the world. I was given the gifts of Mediumship and Energy Healing when I was born in this time and place and had to re-learn how to use them for this soul’s journey experience.

At this time, I am to spread the word of one of the 12 Principle Laws of the Universe…The Law of Vibration! The Law of Vibration often gets pushed aside or over looked with everyones fever with the Law of Attraction but it is indeed the main component that makes the other laws work. They all use vibration to run properly and connect with each other in the divine order of things.

You see, everything that is or was is made up of vibrational energy. Earth Angels are waking up all over the world because they have heard the call of vibrational sound that resonates deep inside them. They have a longing to help other souls in need and to bring forth a Global Tribe of Truth Seekers.

Join with me on this journey of self discovery and inner peace. If we work together out of  mutual love and respect for each other, we can raise the world’s vibrational frequency. We can make a difference, one Earth Angel at a time!

Stay Vibrationally Connected Earth Angel!